Monitor your IT in 3D

A new experience of IT supervision

Monitor your IT in 3D

A new experience of IT supervision

Navigate within a 3D modelisation of your IT infrastructure

Shwett automates complex IT supervision tasks and offers a readable and holistic view of your IT infrastructure:

  • Automatic dependencies detection
  • SPOF detection
  • Automatic networks detection




Turnkey deployment

It only takes minutes to deploy the intelligent probe. The monitoring probe then automatically discovers, types and monitors the elements of your IT infrastructure. You get automatically notified in case of anomaly detection.



Non-intrusive and scalable

Shwett is 100% SaaS. No need to invest on extra infrastructure to run your IT monitoring solution.


Vue 3D

Real time infrastructure mapping

Get a holistic 3D view of your IT infrastructure. Visualize your network infrastructure and dependencies between objects to detect SPOF in a blink of an eye.

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Legacy monitoring

3D IT monitoring

What can you do with shwett?


La sonde Shwett détecte automatiquement tous les éléments de votre infrastructure IT. Accédez à la cartographie exhaustive de vos éléments, et des liens entre eux.

VM monitoring

Follow up the activity of your VMs in real time. Access their configurations and their CPU, RAM and disk usage thanks to the VMware and Nutanix APIs.

Physical infrastructure monitoring

Ensure your end-users a smooth experience by monitoring the CPU, RAM and disk usage of your physical servers, NAS and endpoints.

Printing monitoring

Get insights and graphs about your printer fleet. Check in real time the ink and paper usage for each of your printers.

Network monitoring

Get an exhaustive view of the uplinks, network equipments, servers and other peripheral equipments. Access the administration interface of your switches and printers directly from your 3D universe.


Forget about the tedious configuration of alerting. Choose between threshold based custom alerts and preset alerts based on CPU, RAM, disk, network and bandwidth usage.