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Cartographie de votre SI, supervision 3D

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A new model of supervision

Monitoring nouvelle generation

SHWETT offers a unified point of access to the IS.

The SaaS solution is aimed at both operational IT teams (AdminSys, project managers, etc.) and management teams (CIOs, CISOs, CFOs, etc.).

Thanks to customized views, from macro to micro levels, it offers everyone the level of information and readability they need.

Take advantage of unified, real-time data to:

  • analyse,
  • anticipate incidents and troubleshoot, 
  • manage IS on a day-to-day basis.

One-click deployment + management

Deploy and start monitoring in minutes. Getting to grips with Shwett is automatic and intuitive. Shwett configuration is accessible to any profile, technical or otherwise.

No need for agents or connectors, Shwett's intelligent probe detects, types and integrates your assets at the click of a button.

Shwett's management interface is easy to read and use by operational, business and management teams alike.

Real-time view

Access a centralized, real-time map of your information system.

Thanks to logical, holistic modeling of your IS, you can easily identify pivotal elements and dependencies, and anticipate potential impact chains.

Reduce MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) with analysis, decisions and remediation based on fresh data.

Unified platform

Shwett brings together inventory, management and supervision functionalities:

  1. Thanks to automatic asset detection and enrichment, you'll always have access to the most up-to-date equipment inventory.
  2. Reference and access your documentation, operating procedures and management interfaces, directly from your Shwett 3D world.
  3. In the event of an incident, receive real-time alerts, and carry out troubleshooting from customized views.

Rediscover your IT infrastructure

3D cartography


The intelligent probe automatically detects the assets of your IT system, types them and integrates them into the 3D view of your information system. Get a geographical view of your assets by dividing them by sites, floors and rooms.


Shwett's 3D mapping feature automatically detects and models the dependencies between different elements of your IT infrastructure. This allows you to identify potential SPOFs.


Shwett technology automatically discovers uplinks and represents them in the 3D view.
You are alerted, in real time, as soon as an uplink falls.

Cartographie 3D infrastructure informatique
Supervision infrastructure informatique


Performance graphs

Monitor the ports of your network equipment:

  • In / out trafic
  • Discard packets / errors packets
  • Usage graphs

    Track CPU, RAM and storage usage. Shwett's intelligent alerting system notifies you of overconsumption.


    Search, filter, analyze in your supervision space to identify the cause of a break, or a slowdown, in service.

    Your new monitoring team member

    AI virtual assistant

    AI queries with ChatGPT

    Reduce the amount of time you spend searching for, and preparing for, interventions on your IT infrastructure with pre-recorded queries or custom queries.


    Get generic documentation, or integrate custom documentation for your IT system assets.

    Management interfaces

    Access, directly from the 3D view, the management interfaces of the elements of your information system.

    Supervision informatique avec ChatGPT


    Turnkey deployment

    It only takes minutes to deploy the intelligent probe. The monitoring probe then automatically discovers, types and monitors the elements of your IT infrastructure. You get automatically notified in case of anomaly detection.


    Non-intrusive and scalable

    Shwett is 100% SaaS. No need to invest on extra infrastructure to run your IT monitoring solution.


    Real time infrastructure mapping

    Get a holistic 3D view of your IT infrastructure. Visualize your network infrastructure and dependencies between objects to detect SPOF in a blink of an eye.

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    Legacy monitoring

    Supervision SHWETT

    Free yourself of some bandwidth

    Choose a readable, intelligent monitoring solution and redirect your time to value-added tasks.