Monitor your IT in 3D

A new experience of IT supervision

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Monitor your information system from a 3D model updated in real time, accessible from anywhere

Do you really know your IT infrastructure?

Shwett automates complex IT supervision tasks and offers a readable and holistic view of your IT infrastructure:

  • Automatic detection of assets and dependencies
  • Automatic networks detection
  • SPOF detection



Turnkey deployment

It only takes minutes to deploy the intelligent probe. The monitoring probe then automatically discovers, types and monitors the elements of your IT infrastructure. You get automatically notified in case of anomaly detection.



Non-intrusive and scalable

Shwett is 100% SaaS. No need to invest on extra infrastructure to run your IT monitoring solution.


Vue 3D

Real time infrastructure mapping

Get a holistic 3D view of your IT infrastructure. Visualize your network infrastructure and dependencies between objects to detect SPOF in a blink of an eye.

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Legacy monitoring

3D IT monitoring

Deep dive into your IT infrastructure

Browse and monitor your various data centers from anywhere in the world, as if you were on site.

Shwett's 3D IT monitoring solution creates a logical view of the assets that make up your IT infrastructure, broken down by geographic location and room.

This 3D modeling or "Digital Twin" offers you a comprehensive and granular knowledge of your IT infrastructure.  

Identity cards for your assets

Access the identity card of your switches, servers, hypervisors, endpoints, etc. by positioning your cursor on an asset, or by searching by manufacturer, serial number or IP in the search bar. Visualize in a second its configuration and performance reports.

Carte d'identité hyperviseur AHV

Visualization of dependencies and uplinks

The Shwett monitoring probe automatically detects dependencies between elements. This allows you to visually detect any SPOFs, and in the event of an incident, the source, as well as the cascading impacted elements.

The smart probe also displays uplinks without manual configuration and tells you whether they are up (green) or down (red).

Supervision of applications and services

Create custom views by business application in the 3D view of your infrastructure. Filter on the underlying infrastructure of an application environment to view the network communication chain and monitor processes.

Supervision des applications et services dans la vue 3D

Free yourself of some bandwidth

Choose a readable, intelligent monitoring solution and redirect your time to value-added tasks.