Frequently asked questions

Is Shwett IT monitoring a good fit for you?

Shwett IT monitoring solution was made for IT pros: SysAdmins, IT managers, ISD looking to eliminate deployment and management complexity. Shwett uses intelligence and intuitivity to help IT teams anticipate incidents, reduce downtime and enhance end-user experience.

Why should I monitor my IT infrastructure?

When an IT infrastructure stops, the end-users, the whole company stops as well. The end-users are unable to produce resulting in a financial loss. That's why IT teams need to provide immediate resolution. The right IT monitoring solution notifies the IT team in case of an incident and identifies the source of failure in a few minutes.

How is Shwett different from the well-known open-source IT monitoring solutions like Nagios, Cacti or Grafana?

Open-source IT monitoring solutions such as Nagios, Cacti or Grafana are full of possibilities but demands a huge time and ressources investment. Deploying, managing and analysing data provided by these solutions is time-consuming and keeps you away from your main mission: optimizing your information system and enhancing your end-user experience. With a smart IT monitoring solution like Shwett, you don't loose time on deployment or management. Deploying Shwett only takes a few minutes and clicks. You can then access the 3D modelisation of your IT infrastructure, performance data and alerts.

How do I set up Shwett IT monitoring solution?

To deploy and start working with Shwett, you only need to follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Download and install the intelligent monitoring probe
  • Specify your custom SNMP communities for your switches and routers
  • Configure your VMware and Nutanix APIs for your virtualized elements
  • Create your different locations and rooms
  • Enter your 3D universe and discover your IT infrastructure 3D modelisation, performance data and alerts

What hardware ressources do I need to deploy Shwett IT monitoring solution?

None. Shwett IT monitoring solution is 100% agentless and doesn't require any hardware provisioning. 

Where is my data stored?

Data are stored and processed in our french secure datacenters.

What incident can Shwett help me identify?

Shwett IT monitoring detects most common system failures: broken link, low disk space, bandwidth saturation, high CPU or RAM usage, etc.

What are the different license levels?

We only offer one license level that grants access to every monitoring and alerting features. The price is based on the number of elements detected in your infrastructure. To get an estimated price, you can either create an account or contact us.