Shwett pricelist

3D supervision rate

Discover our flexible licensing offers designed to meet your company's 3D supervision needs.

Adaptive licensing

Shwett offers a licensing model based on the number of elements to be supervised detected by the Shwett probe. We understand that every company has specific needs when it comes to 3D supervision.

Our solution lets you customize your license by excluding irrelevant elements, offering a tailor-made approach to optimizing your licensing according to your company's specific size and requirements.

Transparent scalability

We understand that your business is constantly evolving. With Shwett, you have the flexibility to seamlessly upgrade your subscription at any time. Our subscription model gives you the freedom to adjust your monitoring needs without hassle or hidden costs.

You benefit from Shwett updates and new features automatically for the duration of your subscription.

To access customized pricing based on your specific needs, please log in to your Shwett account. If you don't yet have an account, register now to discover our competitive rates and get a 3D supervision solution tailored to your business.