Strengthen the security of your IT infrastructure, and prevent potential threats by detecting, in real time, new elements connecting to your network.

Information system security is a crucial issue for today's CIOs. Computer attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and targeted, making it essential to adopt proactive measures to protect your network.

Our new hardware detection functionality, integrated into your supervision area, offers an effective solution for reinforcing your global security posture.

Level 3 detection

Level 3 detection allows you to identify material coming from outside your network. By monitoring new IP connections, SHWETT alerts you to intrusion attempts and malicious behavior, strengthening your defense against cyber-attacks.

Détection élément par adresse IP sur le réseau

Level 2 detection

Level 2 detection (MAC address) offers an additional layer of security by identifying the hardware connected to your network in greater depth than simple level 3 detection (IP address).

Some attackers can mask their presence using forgery techniques, or IP address masking, thanks to the use of a firewall.

MAC address detection bypasses these attempts at concealment, as the MAC address is a unique identity associated with each piece of network hardware.

Détection des éléments connectés au réseau par l'adresse MAC

By combining Level 2 (MAC address) and Level 3 (IP address) detection, our hardware detection functionality offers comprehensive, proactive protection against emerging threats. This gives you extensive visibility of the hardware connected to your network, reinforcing the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure.