Customize your monitoring with the API for advanced analysis and personalized alerts

3D supervision custom data

With our powerful API, you now have the power to harvest, display and analyze your organization's strategic data, seamlessly integrating it into a holistic 3D view of your information system.


Supervision des données personnalisées avec l'API de supervision Shwett


Access script templates

Shwett gives you access to predefined script templates directly from your intranet. These templates make it easy to quickly create customized scripts based on your specific supervision requirements.


Create your own scripts

With Supervision Custom Data, you're free to create your own customized scripts. These scripts allow you to define the monitoring parameters that are relevant to your business. You have total control over how your data is collected and presented.


Display your customized elements in 3D view

The supervision elements you have defined using your customized scripts are then integrated into your 3D world. This visual representation gives you an immersive view of your data, making it easy to understand the current state of your system.


Analyze your personalized data

Shwett offers you a variety of graphical formats, including gauges, counters and statuses, to analyze your customized data. These visual representations enable you to quickly identify trends, performance and anomalies in your 3D supervision environment.


Set alerts for your personalized data

The customized alert function keeps you informed of critical events in real time. By defining specific thresholds, you'll receive alerts as soon as monitored data exceeds or fails to meet predefined values. This enables you to react quickly to situations requiring special attention.

Discover how Shwett is redefining enterprise supervision by offering you a unique, holistic perspective on your operations, transforming the management of crucial data into an unrivalled visual and analytical experience.