Shwett IT monitoring updates and upgrades

Thanks to short development cycles, you benefit from monthly updates or new features.

All updates are available in your interface as soon as we put them in production. No additional licence or configuration required.

You will receive a notification in your Shwett space as soon as updates or new features are released.

Update 11/12/2023

Custom data

  • Integrate any data stream with our API: gauge, counter, status.
  • Monitor and identify the cause of incidents, directly from the 3D view.

Update 30/11/2023

NOC mode - Sentinel

  • Scroll through the alerts detected on your monitored infrastructure.

UPDATE 19/10/2023

Supervision and alerting of IPSec tunnels

  • View your entire network from a single console.
  • Ensure that the IS operates smoothly, and interacts with remote resources (ETL, partners, private web services, etc.).
  • Monitor all operational activity regarding IPSec tunnels set up with routers, or Cato Networks platform, with remote resources.

Update 02/10/2023

Now displaying network links between applications

  • Automatic detection and graphical representation of interconnections between applications.

1-click access to Cato Networks administration interface

  • Access your Cato Networks management console directly from your 3D world.

Update 11/09/2023

SSL certificates validity check

  • Manage the lifecycle of your websites' SSL certificates automatically.
  • Automatic or customized alert thresholds for SSL certificate expiration alerts.

Adding web services to application views

  • Get holistic application views by adding web services.

UPDATE 12/08/2023

Integration of new feature types in 3D mapping

    • You can now visualize and monitor your inverters and cameras from the shwett 3D view.

UPDATE 31/07/2023

3D view auto-refresh

  • Select manual or automatic update of your 3D environment. 
  • If automatic update is selected, the page reloads automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Application availability alert

  • Alert on process down, and up.

Failback information

UPDATE 07/07/2023

One-click connect

  • Access to management consoles for servers, switches, PCs, etc. from the 3D space via one-click connect (SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, RDS, etc.).

Application infrastructure supervision

  • Manually add elements to your application views, in addition to automatically detected services.

UPDATE 12/06/2023

Displaying non-pingable elements

  • Transparent display of unresponsive elements.

Inventory export

  • Possibility of exporting your inventory from the extranet, in .csv format.

UPDATE 04/05/2023

ChatGPT integration

  • Display of live procedures, based on pre-saved, or customized queries, via ChatGPT. Accessible from the Shwett 3D view.

Item detected by MAC address

  • Creation of an unknown element as soon as a new MAC address is detected in the information system.

UPDATE 13/04/2023

Custom documentation

  • Attach custom documentation, or procedures, to the elements in the 3D view: switches, hypervisors, routers, etc.

Nutanix and VMware cluster display

  • Your Nutanix and VMware hypervisors are automatically distributed, and displayed in clusters.

UPDATE 28/03/2023

Configuration of the 3D view by level

  • You can now set up levels, or floors, in your 3D modeled infrastructure. Distribute your switches, and other elements, to get a logical view of your IT infrastructure.

New alerting system for element detection

  • Thanks to a button, visualize in 1 click all the new elements detected, or typed, on your network. Quickly identify suspicious elements that initiate an intrusion on your network.

UPDATE 01/03/2023

Cato networks API integration

  • Using the Cato Networks API, the Shwett probe automatically detects your different sites and automatically distributes your assets by subnet.
  • Cato Networks appliance monitoring

Web services monitoring

  • Monitor, in real time, your web services directly in your 3D space thanks to the URL test.

Link to your asset documentation

  • Access the documentation of your assets directly from your 3D space.

Notification in case of update

  • You are notified as soon as an update or new feature is released.

UPDATE 09/02/2023

Use of the LLDP protocol on switches

  • Use of the LLDP protocol, in addition to the SNMP protocol, for an optimized typing of the elements.

Display of unconnected elements 

  • The unconnected elements are now displayed, without link, in a default room.

UPDATE 18/01/2023

Deactivation of the inactive elements

  • Inactive elements in your information system are deactivated and no longer appear in the 3D view of your IT infrastructure.

Visualization of down uplinks in 3D space

  • Down uplinks (source or destination port inactive) are now displayed in red in the 3D universe.

Update 23/12/2022


  • You can now create filtered views in the 3D universe based on applications. You can view the assets regarding a selected application and communication assets (intermediary switches)

VMware VM insights

  • CPU, RAM, disk usage

You can now blacklist subnets

Update 25/10/2022

Probe saturation automatic detection

  • You are now automatically notified when it is time to deploy a extra probe

New message system

  • New message system now available in the extranet

All IPs of a same element now available in the info box

Update 03/10/2022

Graphic update of the VMs

  • You can now differenciate ON and OFF VMs in the 3D view. OFF VMs are now represented with transparency.

Switches query optimization

Update 19/09/2022

Customers data source code anonymization and minifying.


Update 07/09/2022

New multi-probe mode..

Custom alerting thresholds configuration now available: :

  • You can now set custom alert thresholds for switches, servers, PCs, VMs, printers, etc.
  • Automatic thresholds are still available and implemented if no custom threshold is set for an element.
  • You can now choose a different notification channel for each alert type: Teams, Slack, e-mail.

Update 22/08/2022

A search bar is now available to find and go to a specific element in the 3D view: :

  • IP address (ex : 10.20…)
  • Name (ex : Shwett)
  • Reference (ex : OS64)
  • Manufacturer (ex : Mellanox)
  • Serial number (ex : MT2020)

Update 06/07/2022

New button to acknowledge alerts in the extranet

Update 16/06/2022

Configuration data for VMware VMs now available:

  • API or SNMP collection

Configuration and analytics data for AHV (Nutanix hypervisor) now available

Links to management interfaces now available in the 3D universe:

  • For switches
  • For printers


Update 17/05/2022

New 3D universe design

  • Lights
  • Icons
  • Names of locations and rooms now available in the 3D universe

Alerting notifications now available

  • Microsoft Teams alert notifications
  • Slack alert notifications
  • E-mail alert notifications

Scan requests for specific subnets now available in the extranet

Update 29/03/2022

Printers monitoring now available

  • Printing performance monitoring
  • Ink consumption graphs
  • Paper consumption tracking

Update 23/02/2022

Stacked switches modelisation in the 3d universe

  • Same room stacked switches monitoring
  • Different rooms stacked switches monitoring

Update 15/02/2022

Intelligent alerting system now available :

  • Alerts are now available in the 3D universe
    • Switches and routers monitoring
    • VMs monitoring
    • PCs monitoring
    • NAS and storage units monitoring
  • 3 automatic alerting thresholds:
    • Red = incident
    • Orange = warning
    • Green = info
  • Alerts also available as a list in the extranet

Your opinion is important to us!

Your feedbacks are important for the development of Shwett IT monitoring roadmap. Feel free to send us your comments about what should be improved or added in the upcoming updates.