How well do you know your IS?

Unified monitoring

Access an automatically generated 3D view of your infrastructure in just a few clicks.

Develop in-depth knowledge, detect weak points and monitor the performance of your IT system.

Cartographie 3D infrastructure informatique
Supervision de hyperviseurs et VM en 3D
Supervision des switchs et uplinks en 3D
Sonde intelligente pour la cartographie informatique 3D

Forget about manually creating and updating your cartography

3D cartography

The SHWETT intelligent probe detects your assets, types them (switch, server, VM, PC, etc.), and models them in 3D within your supervision space.

You get an easy-to-read, automatically updated, real-time view of your network topology. No matter how complex your network meshing.

Organize your assets by site, level, room, and create filters to visualize your application architectures.

Use the search bar to access your assets in just a few clicks

Land on the desired asset using a search by manufacturer, model, serial number, IP address, etc.

Barre de recherche supervision 3D Shwett

Asset monitoring

Performance data

Automatically monitor the performance of your computer network: - Traffic in / out
- Packets
- Unicast / Multicast

Troubleshooting supervision performances assets informatiques


Monitor the CPU, RAM and disk consumption curves of your physical servers, VMs and PCs in real time. SHWETT automatically alerts you when overconsumption is detected.

Supervision des données personnalisées avec l'API de supervision Shwett


In the event of an incident, your asset provides access to a temporal analysis of performance, for targeted, effective troubleshooting.

Alertes personnalisées supervision informatique


Choose automatic or customized alert thresholds, and select your alerting channels by alert type.

Adopt the new generation of IT supervision