Virtual assistant

Find out how SHWETT supports you in the day-to-day management and maintenance of your information systems.

Supervision informatique avec ChatGPT

Why choose SHWETT's supervision virtual assistant?

The SHWETT virtual supervision assistant is the best partner for operational IT teams. 


SHWETT is much more than just a monitoring tool. It's a true IS entry point for IT operational teams. 

With this new feature, designed specifically for system and network administrators and other technical staff, streamline your day-to-day operations and maximize your efficiency.

Thanks to our AI-based technology, the Supervisory Virtual Assistant enables IT teams to access essential operational procedures, manage assets effortlessly, and navigate complex technical documentation with ease.

What can you do with the SHWETT virtual assistant?

Use the SHWETT virtual assistant to eliminate tedious, time-consuming searches for relevant asset management information from your daily routine.

Documentation asset dans Shwett

Operating procedures

Thanks to pre-configured or customized ChatGPT-based queries, you can display your operating procedures in command lines from an asset.

One-click connect

Access your asset management consoles: switches and Nutanix clusters, directly from your 3D world, via HTTP, HTTPS, SSH or RDS.

Manufacturer documentation

Save precious time by accessing the manufacturer's documentation for your switches, servers, etc. with a simple click on the relevant asset.

Custom documentation

Centralize your critical elements, and make documentation or customized procedures available to your entire team.

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