3D monitoring

Discover the new generation of IT supervision

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3D modelisation of your IT infrastructure

Shwett breaks with the traditionnal graphic approach of legacy IT monitoring solutions. In Shwett management interface, no spreadsheets or weather forecast service status.

IT teams need a quick, precise and intuitive access to monitoring data. The 3D modelisation of your IT infrastructure offers an holistic view of the links and dependencies between your networks elements, servers and endpoints present on different locations and rooms.

Visualize every performance data and alert regarding a specific object of your infrastructure (switch, server, VM, PC, etc) directly in your 3D universe. 

Automatic discovery

Forget about the long and complex deployment of legacy IT monitoring solutions. Set up your 3D universe in just a few clicks thanks to Shwett intelligent probe.

Once deployed, the intelligent probe detects and embeds every element of your infrastructure without any manual configuration. Using SNMP and APIs, it discovers every switch and servers, vSwitches, VM attached.

The probe runs regular scans to detect and add any new element deployed on your IT infrastructure.

Performance analytics

Analyse your equipment performances directly from your 3D universe.

  • IN and OUT traffic, discard packets / error packets for your network equipment ports
  • Data about CPU, RAM and disk usage for your VMs
  • CPU, RAM and disk usage graphics for your endpoints
  • Paper and ink consumption curves for your printers

Anomaly detection

The AI-based probe performs queries every 2 minutes to ensure the freshest data and detect anomalies asap :

  • CPU saturation
  • RAM saturation
  • Disk saturation
  • Bandwidth saturation
  • Error packets
  • Switch port status down
  • Etc

Smart alerts

Shwett IT monitoring solution offers 3 different alert levels :

  • Danger (red in your 3D universe)
  • Warning (orange in your 3D universe)
  • Information (green in your 3D universe)

When you first deploy Shwett IT monitoring, the alert thresholds are defined by default. You can then choose to define personalised thresholds for each type of element according to your monitoring policy.

You can also choose how to get notifications for all types of alerts: e-mail, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

App services monitoring

Shwett's new IT monitoring solution allows infrastructure managers or network system administrators to create monitoring views by business application. Once the application view is set up from the unique Shwett management console, you can display a filtered view in your 3D space. You can then visualize the infrastructure of switches, servers, VMs, etc. underlying your critical application. 

  • Visualisation des chaînes de communication réseau
  • Monitoring des processus

Web services monitoring

The latest version of Shwett's IT infrastructure monitoring solution gives application monitoring professionals the ability to monitor web services. The web services monitoring service tests URLs every 2 minutes to ensure their availability. 

You can thus visualize in your 3D space the available URLs (in green) and unavailable URLs (in red).