Anticipating incidents with IT supervision

What is IT supervision?

The purpose of IT supervision, or monitoring, is to check the health of your IT infrastructure in real-time or on a regular basis. An IT monitoring solution helps you automate the necessary actions.

IT elements such as servers (physical or virtual), switches, routers, etc are the backbone of your IT infrastructure. They ensure your end-users a smooth and secure access to the information system. That's why in case of a technical incident, it is essential to detect asap the point of failure.

In conclusion, an IT monitoring solution provides you with automatic detection of any error or failure that may cause downtime or a degraded user experience.

Why you need to monitor your IT infrastructure?

In the current business context, IT infrastructure needs to be transparent and always-on so that end-users can achieve their daily objectives. 

A system information breakdown may lead to end-user frustration but also financial loss for your company. The IT team then bears a heavy responsability in the smooth functionning of the company and its different departments. 

The IT team needs to be agile and proactive to find the solutions that will guarantee an always-on information system. And in case of a breakdown, the means to respond without delay. 

How do you deal today with a service breakdown? How much time does it take for you to identify the cause of the problem?

What kind of feeling does this create among end-users?

Supervision serveur physique ou virtuel

Physical and virtual servers monitoring

Detect in real-time saturation of disk space, processor or RAM.

Supervision routeur

Routers monitoring

Get notified in case of a rupture of internet service or bandwidth congestion.

Supervision switch

Switches and ports monitoring

Monitor your network switches to avoid traffic congestion.

Supervision onduleur

Inverters monitoring

Be aware of any incident concerning your emergency power supplies and avoid blackout in case of power failure.

Supervision NAS

NAS and storage units monitoring

Monitor your NAS and storage units utilization rate and avoid disk space rupture.

Supervision PC et imprimante

PC and printers monitoring

Detect any PC or printers not accessing the network and prevent your end-users from being blocked.

What does 3D bring to IT infrastructure monitoring?

What if you could keep and eye on your IT infrastructure and watch it evolve in real-time? With 3D IT monitoring, you are automatically notified in case of an incident. You can identify in a few seconds the cause of the problem and provide an immediate and targeted response. Then you can reduce the downtime to the very minimum.

3D IT monitoring allows you to dive deep into your IT infrastructure. You're able to navigate between the different locations, IT rooms, racks of your company.

Legacy IT monitoring solutions are cumbersome to deploy and maintain. They demand advanced settings and data analytics. Shwett IT monitoring solutions present analytics and alerting data directly in an immersive 3D view of your IT infrastructure.